Wire Harness Assembly and Manufacturing

Wire harness assembly includes production of what is considered standard (commonly used wire harness assembly for computer products, appliances, consumer electronics and automotive wire harness) and custom highly specialized wire harness assembly products for industrial applications, medical, vending, specialty electronics and others.

Recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of wire harness assembly in China, we supply only the highest quality products, which involves outsourcing of the finest components (wire, cable and connectors) and highly skilled workmanship combined with the use of modern equipment and state of the art manufacturing process.

We are ISO 9001, 14001 and TS 16949 certified and adhere to the latest guidelines of production standards. Our capacity allows us to produce high, medium and low quantities of wire harness assembly products  in record time and deliver them worldwide to your manufacturing facilities on time at reduced costs. Our skillful outsourcing and strong relations with leading wire & cable and connectors suppliers present additional benefits to our clients. We are able to help you with branding/labeling of your wire harness products as well as custom-molding.

Wire Harness Assembly Products:

Following is a short list of most commonly manufactured wire harness assembly products for various clients:

  • Industrial wire harness assembly.
  • Electrical, power cable and wire harness assembly.
  • Electro-mechanical wire harness assembly.
  • Medical equipment wire harnesses and cables.
  • Video cables and wire harness, custom and standard.
  • Power supply wire harness assembly and battery wire harness assembly.
  • Internal wire harness components.
  • External wire harness and cables of various types.
  • Wiring harnesses for control panels.
  • Vending equipment wire harnesses.
  • Automotive wire harness assemblies (TS 16949 accredited manufacturer).
  • Multi conductor wire harness.
  • Hybrid wire harness assembly.
  • Sensor wiring harness assemblies.
  • Passive component-to-wire assembly.
  • Wire harness board assemblies.
  • Specialty, custom-designed wire harness assemblies.

Wire Harness Assembly Services

To summarize, we are a single-stop solution for all wire harness assembly OEM manufacturing needs. With over 25 years of experience, world class manufacturing standards, expert engineering support and large scale manufacturing capacities, we deliver a superb wire harness assembly service.

Our services include following:

  • Custom wire harness prototyping and engineering support.
  • New custom wire harness design and development (in house R&D).
  • Standard wire harness products assembly (commonly used types of wiring harnesses).
  • Expedient turn around and short lead times.
  • Custom branding and labeling.
  • Custom product packaging in accordance with your request.
  • Stripping, cutting and crimping according clients’ specs (depending on the product specs, automated, semi-automated and manual assembly).
  • Welding, soldering, ultrasonic welding.
  • In-house wire manufacturing.
  • Components outsourcing, exact to client’s specs or finding a viable alternative.
  • 100% adherence to your specs and industry standards.
  • Rigorous quality control check of each individual piece.
  • Custom molding injection.
  • Multi-conductor wire harness and cable assembly.
  • Hybrid wire harness and cable assembly.
  • In-house logistics services – guaranteed in-time delivery to your door.
  • Superior product quality and guarantees.
  • Experienced support and dedicated service to all clients.
  • Fast quotes and estimates.
  • Most competitive pricing on all wire harness assembly products.