Custom Cable Manufacturer Profile

Custom cable manufacturing is our business. Due to our 25 years of experience in manufacturing a wide spectrum of custom cable products, we understand the importance of clarity of communications with our clients’ engineers and precise technical documentation of OEM cable products.

Custom Cable Manufacturing and Production Setup

Production flexibility and Production Management Control (PMC) is a cornerstone of our custom cable manufacturer operations. With your deadlines for product assembly and shipping, and we always monitor all the steps of production to ensure quality and on-time delivery. We also encourage our clients to take advantage of our capacity, to accommodate the most stringent production schedules. As a custom cable manufacturer, we have helped with production emergencies when other suppliers have failed to deliver.

Our procurement department is highly skilled in acquiring needed materials and for the lowest costs. Working with Connective and Saison you are assured of the most competitive custom cable assembly bid. We also operate an internal wire manufacturing plant which helps us to reduce costs even further.

custom cable assembly examples

Quality Control in Custom Cable Manufacturing

We keep detailed records of all production steps on each particular product and have designed a proprietary system of quality control assurance that exceeds certification standards. Our quality has gained an outstanding reputation from both multinational brand names and smaller highly technical wiring harness and cable clients. As a custom cable manufacturer, we incorporate the use of specialty equipment to inspect all the materials coming to our facilities using, for example, an X-ray florescence spectrometer and manual inspection. This is a resource and time consuming process but since our custom cable products are of the highest quality, we go beyond the commonly used material procurement steps.

We adhere to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive and Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical Substances (REACH) regulation. Depending on the client and their products, we also follow other requirements, such as, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH), 6P, NP and Halogen Free (HF). We only use the client’s Bill of Materials (BoM) if specified and if a client asks for a suitable wire or a connector alternative to reduce cost or function, we can use our resources to accommodate these special requests.

quality control - cable manufacturing Each custom made cable that leaves our facility is inspected and tested for quality control. Hundreds of thousands of units are being shipped every month from our facilities to all parts of the world. We deliver quality and consistency, always.

We are a leading custom cable manufacturer and we are always updating our knowledge on the latest technologies, certifications and continuously increasing our knowledge base. Our engineers and management staff work closely to streamline our manufacturing process. Our manufacturing assembly employees are the best in the industry because we invest in continuous training and create a productive working environment for everyone.

Custom Cable Engineering

We gladly share our experience and our own engineering resources to help our clients find the best solution to any technical design. This includes electrical engineering as well as the selection of connectors and wires, and assembly specifics. By working closely with our clients, we are able to produce quality cable prototypes and successfully submit them for client’s approval.

Custom Cable Manufacturer’s Logistics

Our logistics department works tirelessly to deliver in-time, all the time. All custom cable products are carefully inspected and packaged according to the client’s specifications. We have established our own custom cable production and distribution protocol and will gladly help our clients with a checklist of things they may need to consider upfront to avoid any missed details.

Working with Connective LLC will save you time, money and effort in outsourcing custom cable and wire harness. We have been a leading custom cable manufacturer for over 25 years and we guarantee unparalleled quality and superior service.