USB OEM Manufacturing

USB OEM cables have become one of the most popular types of computer cables on the market. We manufacture standard USB OEM cables for manufacturers and cable distributors globally and can also supply custom USB OEM cables.

Since USB, USB2 and USB3 offer the ease and speed of data transfer between computers and devices as well as having the ability to be carry a sufficient electrical charge, the demand for custom USB OEM cables have increased which has contributed to our expansion in the production of custom and standard USB cords.

USB cord assembly requires molding injection over the USB connectors since most cables are designed for external use and frequent plug and unplug functions. We also manufacture USB cables for specific applications with certain types of connectors.


USB OEM cables use standard connectors, male and female types A and B connectors as well as mini USB connectors. We manufacture all configurations of various colors and lengths.
“A” Type USB connector most commonly used for data transfer between peripheral computer devices, cell phones, PDAs, etc where “B” type connector is used exclusively on peripheral devices. “A” type connector is also used for electrical current transfer to charge and supply small devices with electrical power.

Mini USB OEM and Micro USB OEM applications include data and power transfer to portable personal electronics such as photo and video cameras, cell phones, small chargers, GPS, etc. These types of connectors are becoming more popular as demand for small personal electronics devices keeps increasing.

usb type a USB Type A
usb type b USB Type B
usb mini USB Mini Connector
usb micro USB Micro Connector

USB OEM Production

We are set up for mass production of large quantities of various types of USB OEM cable assemblies. We use the highest grade wire (or wire source defined by the client), high quality connectors and shielding to increase the data transfer capacity and durability of our OEM USB products. All of the cables, prior to being shipped, are individually inspected and packaged to client’s specifications.