North American Cable Assembly Supplier Connective LLC

Connective LLC acts as a cable supplier company to Original Equipment Manufacturers and distributors of wire harness and cable assembly products in the US and Canada. A separate entity from our Japanese manufacturer, Saison Electronics, we supply the North American market with custom cables and wire harness assemblies.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in Southern China and the mission of Connective is to assist our North American clients with inquiries, quotations, logistics, support, prototyping and all the other aspects of custom cable assembly, wire harness production and OEM wire harness and cable product distribution.

Working with Connective provides you with direct support while offering a competitive price advantage and large scale OEM manufacturing capabilities using our offshore production facilities.

Cable Supplier Profile

We have been supplying various types of standard and custom cables and wire harness assemblies for over 25 years. Our highly skilled and experienced engineers help clients in the research and development of custom wire harnesses and cable products for specific applications and for different industries.

Our management team continuously explores various avenues to increase efficiency, reduce costs and exceed clients’ expectations. We have become a preferred cable supplier for many leading manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

Our manufacturing capacity and sophisticated production control allows our clients to cut lead time and reduce inventory costs. Using the most modern manufacturing equipment and highly trained workforce, we produce a wide spectrum of cable and wire harness products to satisfy the demands of various industries and special unique cable assembly product types.

As a leading cable supplier, we realize that our clients not only expect superior cable products but they also expect superior customer service and that has been our trademark for many years. This has allowed us to create one of the most impressive client lists in the cable supply industry.

Our logistics team ensures fast and reliable delivery of products to your door and takes care of all shipping and customs documentation.

Connective LLC helps to streamline all communications between our manufacturing base in China and our North American clients. We are a certified ISO 9001, 14001 and accredited TS16949 cable supplier and we adhere to all the requirements, e.g. Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS Directive), regarding material procurement, mass production and the environment.

If you are an OEM or a cable distributor get in touch with a Connective representative today