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  • Copper Pricing

    Wire Harness And Cable Assembly Pricing And The Current Copper Market

    Copper wire is one of the main components in the cable and wire harness assembly industry.  Any price fluctuation of copper on the commodity market affects the pricing of OEM made wire harnesses and cable assembly products.  Current devaluation of currency worldwide has produced a …

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  • Shorter Lead Time

    Shortening Lead Times On Custom Cable Assembly

    Economic downturn affects the electronic component manufacturers’ and distributors’ ability to carry large inventory stocks which produces increased lead times and affects MOQ (Minimum Order Quantities) requirements. This creates additional challenges for smaller companies while outsourcing the required production components. This is especially true in …

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  • Wire Harness Engineers

    Importance Of Quality In Wire Harness Engineering

    To engineer reliable high quality wire harness and cable components require extensive research, experience and vigorous testing. Even large OEM manufacturers and automakers are not immune from occasionally making errors in design which usually become very costly and may result in large product recalls. While …

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  • Cable Production Line

    Custom Cable Manufacturing Shows Positive Signs

    In the first half of 2010, custom cable manufacturing industry in the US increased its production output in comparison to the substantial drop in 2009. Fiber optic cables have significantly contributed to the gross industry output due to the high demand in both the domestic US and …

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  • Clear Communication1

    The Key To Successful Custom Cable Outsourcing

    The foundation of every successful business is the ability to communicate clearly. Manufacturing, internal operations, marketing, distribution – everything relies on the clear and accurate exchange and delivery of important information. In the case of custom cable manufacturing, outsourcing research data shows that many companies …

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